Keynotes & Workshops.

Brad is exceptionally good at taking psychological research and making it accessible, and demonstrating practical steps to implement resiliency in day-to-day situations.

DR. LORI GRAY, Ph.D., C. Psych.Staff Psychologist - Toronto Emergency Medical Services

“The Resilient Mind: Thriving in a High Stress Environment”

This presentation teaches research-based cognitive and behavioural skills that increase a person’s capacity to deal with a psychologically demanding work environment without suffering the adverse effects of stress. Brad uses a mix of research and real world experience to create an engaging and compelling workshop.

The outcome: Clients will learn skills and tactics that increase their stress immunity, thereby reducing the negative effects of stress such as absenteeism, burnout, turnover, while increasing productivity, engagement, and wellness.

“Building Resilience to Take the Edge off Workplace Conflict”

The current workplace is filled with stress, much of it due to human resources issues and workplace conflict. This chronic stress can’t be avoided, especially by managers, supervisors and HR professionals. This workshop will give tools to deal with the emotional toll of conflict.

The outcome: Clients will learn skills to perform better under pressure, and increase feelings of wellness and confidence. Clients will also increase their effectiveness in dealing with conflict.

“The Spartan Professional: Shielding your Heart and Mind from Workplace Stress”

The Spartan Warriors trained so hard, that for them battle was a reprieve. This workshop focuses on “Stress Inoculation training”, which is training designed to build immunity to specific stressors in the client’s workplace. Clients will learn the three secrets used by military and police tactical units to inoculate teams against stress, and increase their performance under pressure.

The outcome: Clients will learn how to design customized stress inoculation training for their workplace. This will increase employee effectiveness in demanding professions, or in high pressure roles.

Each one of these workshops is a half-day in length. A full-day training can be conducted by combining two workshops and customizing for your individual business needs. Keynote presentation is The Resilent Mind.