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Optimism Boosts Resiliency

Optimism is a trait that increases a person’s immunity to stress. I mentioned in the previous post there was some controversy about this. I believe the main reason there is controversy is because some people define what it means to be optimistic in different ways. Some experts quote anecdotes from prisoners of war in Vietnam […]

Watch Me Bounce

A friend of mine started a website recently, “Watch Me Bounce, Inspiring Resilience Through Story”. I met Rocky Reichman at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem while we both attended a course there about trauma and resilience. I’d like to recommend his website, and not just because he interviewed me for his site. The interview can […]

What made Steve Jobs great?

There is no doubt that Steve Jobs was an outstanding business leader. But what was it about him that made him great? Was it his genius at tech development, his creativity, his vision, his knack for marketing? Sure, it was likely a combination of all those things. What always impressed me with Steve Jobs though, […]

Learning to Bounce Back

We all suffer failure from time to time, whether in business, relationships, health or other. I’ve had my share… starting with 11th grade math! However, our success in life isn’t determined by if we fail or not, it’s determined by how we react to that failure. After we suffer the typical tailspin and a period […]

Welcome to My Blog

As I begin this blog the question in my mind is “Why does this matter?” We are constantly inundated with information, so why do you need more? My goal is to provide something of value, to make it worth your while to spend a few minutes here reading it. Stress is the leading cause of […]