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Does Self-discipline Make us Resilient?

Yes, but why? I have studied research on the various resiliency factors, and the reasons why most of these factors increase resilience are pretty straight forward. It makes sense at first blush that having a good support system in the form of a loving family would help you get through challenges. It’s obvious that if […]

Best Methods to Manage Stress

I’ve always disagreed with the majority of the stress management literature that promotes avoidance of stressors. Unfortunately in this world of uncertainty we cannot predict nor prevent many of the stressors we face, and furthermore we really don’t want to. We place ourselves in risky and challenging situations because that is how we grow and […]

Live in the Now

Mindfulness means focusing on the present moment. People that live in the present moment handle stress and trauma better than those who dwell on the past or are preoccupied with the future. If you feel anxiety or worry or shame, chances are you are either ruminating on the past or worried about some future potentiality. […]

“Multiple Competing Complex Demands”

Dr. Linda Duxbury, a researcher and professor at the Sprott School of Business has conducted research on what causes the most stress in policing and found that it’s not much different from the private sector. The majority of stress doesn’t come from the operational aspects of the job, but the organizational aspects. Sure there is […]

The Gush Katif Effect

Sometimes stress caused by betrayal or even feeling isolated and unsupported can be worse than the stress caused by traumatic events. This may be surprising. It seems counter-intuitive, but let me explain. What really made me consider this was when I heard the story of Gush Katif, a Jewish town that was located within the […]

Open Door Fallacy

The concept of the “Open Door Policy” is good in theory and an improvement over times when leaders were not available and not approachable. In many cases the concept has gone too far though, and many leaders now think they should always be available. I recommend closing your door and not taking calls for an […]

Meaning and Purpose

The human condition is such that we all must unavoidably experience loss and pain. All of us suffer to a greater or lesser extent depending on our own personal interpretation of the loss. Your belief about what an incident means will determine to a large extent the amount of distress you have. If you believe […]

Laughing at Misfortune

Can you look back on misfortunes or challenges in your past and laugh about it? Ok, well that’s pretty easy. How about finding the humour in your present difficulties? That’s a lot harder, but it’s also healthier. People that can find humour in their problems, who can laugh at themselves and who don’t take themselves […]

Letting Go

When I do presentations I usually talk about the stress inflicted on us, such as trauma, unexpected changes in our circumstances, or even high demands that are placed on us at work. But what about stress and anxiety we cause ourselves because we messed up? I often talk to people that have stress in their […]

The Number 1 Resiliency Factor: Fitness

Sometimes people ask me “What is the most important factor for building stress immunity?” I speak about many factors so it’s hard to pick one as the most important. But if I have to pick just one, I say fitness. Working out provides the obvious benefits to physical health such as increased stamina, endurance and […]