Brad is a skilled and very genuine person. He uses humour throughout his presentation and comes across very humble and approachable. He uses easily understood examples and exercises. The visualization exercise that reduces the impact of a stressful experience is very effective—I’ve used it twice in the last week!  Resiliency training is so important in our world today for none of us ever knows when we might need it.

VICKI JENSEN, Western Regional Coordinator, EAP for Flight AttendantsAir Canada

I have hired Brad several times to present to my clients.  The feedback is always positive.  Brad has an authentic speaking style with a unique perspective on stress management.  He gives practical solutions for dealing with the day-to-day stress common in the modern workplace, and also the intense stress when everything goes sideways.  His humourous stories help the audience remember key points.  Brad’s workshop resonates with managers and front-line supervisors, and I’ll be sure to have him back to present to my clients in the future.

GREG SCHINKEL, PresidentUnique Training & Development Inc.

We hired Brad to do a two-day workshop at our annual conference.  He has lots of energy and a vast knowledge on the subject of resiliency.  There was a lot of fun, joy, laughter and a lot of learning.  I’m taking away some tools and techniques that I’ll be able to use in my role in EAP and as a volunteer firefighter.  When I’m on the fly in a heavy situation and I feel my stress elevated, I can easily use one of the techniques to quickly bring the level of anxiety down to a level where I’m better able to help people.  I saw myself as a fairly resilient person before, but I’m going away from this training more resilient than when I came.

DERRICK BASHFORD, National Coordinator, EAP ProgramInternational Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers

Proactive Prevention of Stress

Brad Coulbeck helps companies improve performance by boosting the resiliency of the teams. By developing employee’s capacity to perform under stress and thrive in high-pressure environments, it results in increased engagement, wellness, confidence and productivity. Stress related absences cost Canadian businesses $5 billion a year. Stress is a significant part of the problem of workplace mental health issues that cost Canadian businesses over $30 billion a year. It is also the fastest growing category of disability.

Businesses have a legislated duty to be proactive in prevention of stress related illness, and have a duty to accommodate employees that can’t perform their regular duties due to stress. Beyond the legislated requirements, it makes good business sense to be proactive. Job stress can result in burn-out, employee turn-over, absenteeism, presenteeism, disengagement, conflict, low morale, and decreased productivity. Compounding this is the issue of many Millennials entering the workforce that are ill-prepared emotionally to suffer set-backs, experience adversity and conflict, and deal with perceived unfairness in the workplace. Does this sound familiar?

Resiliency training is not about avoiding stress, it’s about increasing an individual’s capacity to handle stress in a healthy manner.

If you would like to learn more about what Brad can do for your company, please click here to contact him.

Brad’s book has just been released

The Resilient Mind:

Achieve Success by Building Mental and Emotional Toughness.

Are you finding it increasingly stressful keeping up with the relentless demands of the modern workplace? Are you strained from balancing your personal and professional life?

Resilient people are immune to the negative aspects of stress, recover quickly after trauma, and can thrive in chaotic environments. In The Resilient Mind you’ll learn how to develop proven techniques to combat stress, develop mental toughness, and become a resilient person. The author’s method to succeed in the fast-paced, no-holds-barred climate we live in, gives you the power to flourish in today’s world. Learn how to:

  • apply research based “resiliency factors” in daily life
  • thrive in a psychologically demanding environment
  • bounce back quickly after personal or professional disaster
  • achieve peak performance while under stress

It’s time to boost your ability to handle adversity in a positive way. To win in the game of life, you must master the art of being resilient.

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…and how you can use it in your job